Learn the advantages of a fandaqah system

To manage furnished apartments, hotels and chalets

fandaqah benefits

To facilitate the work of the front desk staff of the hotel, we designed the first dashboard screen in a way that meets their needs by displaying the status of the units in a clear and coordinated manner and the ability to add a quick reservation in addition to the most important other information such as the occupancy rate of the day and the information of arrivals and departures today and customers who have missed their departure time.


A set of reports enables you to take appropriate decisions to develop your facility. Reports of “receipts, expenses, monthly reports, clients, units, occupancy and availability ratio, room cleaning and maintenance, fund movement, customer transfers, revenues, taxes and reservation sources” can be found and many reports that Continuously added to the program.

Integration with systems ( shomoos and tourism authority )

It is possible to integrate with the systems easily, such as “linking with the National Tourism Monitoring Platform of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, linking with the suns service, linking with mobile message providers, etc …” and many service providers that we are keen to add continuously.

Reservations management

Adding and managing reservations in a hotel system is the easiest and fastest yet. In simple steps, it is possible to add the reservation and conduct the housing process to the guest in an integrated manner, and when booking, notes on the customer can be reviewed if any, and after adding the contract, the summary of the reservation and adding bonds of all kinds can be viewed from the same screen, and the customer can be contacted by text message on his mobile or through e-mail And add your notes, if any, on the client and his special requests.